November 28, 2012 Illustrations

I haven’t had time to work on Ghost Hotel in the studio. It’s been giving me some extreme anxiety though so I promised myself I’d try to put in a few hours this week.

Today, I was sitting in the park and got bored of all the responsible adult things I was doing so I started drawing more ghosts.

I’ll never get bored of ghosts.

June 25, 2012 Illustrations

Ghosts have been on my mind lately so I decided they should haunt a hotel.

So far, the plan is for this to be a 6-page accordion silkscreen book. I’ve been burnt out a bit since MOCCA, so I’ve been taking it slow. Slow and steady, right?

Some preliminary sketches:

Thursday: Rainy and miserable. I could only pull 4 panels that day.

Friday: Still miserable but I pulled out 8 panels.


And here’s the fun thing I was doing. ANIMATED GIFFFFFFFF.


January 15, 2012 Illustrations

I realize blogging is the worst way to update this comic so I’ll have a summary slideshow post with a little surprise when I finish. So maybe the surprise will come by Saturday? Don’t mean to be vague, but I’ve started making said surprise, and it already made me happy times 100.

Today’s comic:


January 11, 2012 Illustrations

From yesterday– I’m excited to draw today’s comic!

January 11, 2012 Illustrations

My hands and my brain can’t seem to move as fast as time is going but I’ll try to keep up as best as I can in this fresh new 2012.

During my week off for the holidays, I promised myself I’d work on books and comics I’ve left half complete during the year. Here’s my stash so far:

One pile is actually for defective books but the others are real, hand-made books.

A new year is just a benchmark for me– what’s changed? Was it for the better? What changes are there still left to make? 2011 wasn’t so shabby for me.

As always, I want to be making more proper schedules, designing more, printing more, drawing more, writing down more ideas, learning and teaching more, and sleeping properly if I can get to it. The only problem is time– a problem I one day hope to overcome as well.

Anyway, I’m going to blog more too– I only blogged 42 times this year. For shame! I’ll definitely blog 43 times in 2012. :)

January 2, 2012 Illustrations

Been working hard at another silkscreen book called Hi Neighbor!.

My idea started off as a tiny mockup that I drew on the train:

Measures less than an inch tall

Then, after a few more mockups and a few weeks of printing, Hi Neighbor became real.

The full version on nice archival paper

I chose this book format because it fit the content (slanty buildings) and also because it was easy to make. Just fold a rectangular sheet of paper into eight sections (4 columns by 2 rows) and then cut 2 quarters in the middle divide. That sounds complicated, but trust me, it’s not.

You can get an idea of how it's made from this picture

Look inside and there’s a little surprise — blueprints of everyone’s apartment!

A lot of easter eggs on this side

I only made 16 of these– 1 of which I accidentally cut incorrectly, which found a home in my sister’s collection, leaving me 15 good ones.

Comics soon!

December 29, 2011 Illustrations, Process, Silkscreen

For the past few weeks I’ve been printing, cutting and gluing together Smell Book, a little step accordion book about a little guy who’s smelling about town.

The cover

The hardest part about printing this was making sure the smells lined up when I folded up the accordion. Of the 50 I made, 5 of them were defective. Don’t cry for them though, those 5 will find good homes with forgiving friends and family.

Open sesame!

I tried to connect the smell scenes together either by color changes or connecting lines. I’ve come to realize that I love making accordion books– depending on how you design them, they can be separate narratives or one long continuing one.

A little close up

It took about 3 weeks to get this done. For every 3 hours of studio time, I can usually print 2 (3, if I’m lucky) of colors at a time. Cutting and gluing is the easiest part since I can do those from home.

More books to come!

December 26, 2011 Illustrations, Process, Silkscreen

Screen printing has taken over my life lately. It’s a long trek to the studio and it takes forever to set up to print, but something about it keeps me going back. Here are a few projects that I have going on:

Jellyfish and Skulls pattern!

Jellyfish and Skulls

A macro shot of our new friends


How Milo Died: a double sided accordion book.

The ghosts are printed with glow-in-the-dark ink

Ghost boy's name isn't Milo

You'll have to read it to find out who it is



November 15, 2011 Illustrations