Ghost Cardigan… complete!

Enter Ghost Cardigan:

  • 16 pages 
  • Comics + Illustrations
  • All about ghosts and their cardigans
  • Has some manuals and infographics
  • Made with pen, brush, and ink
  • Pages are 100% cotton
  • No ghosts were harmed in creating this

Here’s a bit on the process:

1. Sketch first in a homemade notebook.


2. Draw loosely in pencil. Toil. Ink with pen and ink wash.


3. Tediously scan in pieces. Color correct. InDesign the layout. Print on 100% cotton paper.


4. Ghost Cardigan.


Selling it here, or at the next fest.

Ghost Cardigan + New Book + Other

Drawing Ghost Cardigan is complete, but of course my printer had to break. New parts are flying in now, thank goodness. Also, I can’t bear to just let this be 100% machine printed so I’ll be putting in a handmade surprise.


Here’s a sneak peak at my next silkscreen book, The Neighborhood. Proper details soon as I finalize separations.


I cut these little ghosts out of linoleum for some handmade business cards. I would like to get business cards printed by a proper printer but I haven’t found the right fit yet. I feel like business card Goldilocks– no one makes them the way I want– so I’ll suffer the consequences, DIY-style.

Ghost Stew

I haven’t had time to work on Ghost Hotel in the studio. It’s been giving me some extreme anxiety though so I promised myself I’d try to put in a few hours this week.

Today, I was sitting in the park and got bored of all the responsible adult things I was doing so I started drawing more ghosts.

I’ll never get bored of ghosts.

Subway Comic Parts 4-5

Thursday: Rainy and miserable. I could only pull 4 panels that day.

Friday: Still miserable but I pulled out 8 panels.


And here’s the fun thing I was doing. ANIMATED GIFFFFFFFF.


Subway Comic Part 3

I realize blogging is the worst way to update this comic so I’ll have a summary slideshow post with a little surprise when I finish. So maybe the surprise will come by Saturday? Don’t mean to be vague, but I’ve started making said surprise, and it already made me happy times 100.

Today’s comic: