Ghost Stew

I haven’t had time to work on Ghost Hotel in the studio. It’s been giving me some extreme anxiety though so I promised myself I’d try to put in a few hours this week.

Today, I was sitting in the park and got bored of all the responsible adult things I was doing so I started drawing more ghosts.

I’ll never get bored of ghosts.

Subway Comic Parts 4-5

Thursday: Rainy and miserable. I could only pull 4 panels that day.

Friday: Still miserable but I pulled out 8 panels.


And here’s the fun thing I was doing. ANIMATED GIFFFFFFFF.


Subway Comic Part 3

I realize blogging is the worst way to update this comic so I’ll have a summary slideshow post with a little surprise when I finish. So maybe the surprise will come by Saturday? Don’t mean to be vague, but I’ve started making said surprise, and it already made me happy times 100.

Today’s comic:


Happy 2012

My hands and my brain can’t seem to move as fast as time is going but I’ll try to keep up as best as I can in this fresh new 2012.

During my week off for the holidays, I promised myself I’d work on books and comics I’ve left half complete during the year. Here’s my stash so far:

One pile is actually for defective books but the others are real, hand-made books.

A new year is just a benchmark for me– what’s changed? Was it for the better? What changes are there still left to make? 2011 wasn’t so shabby for me.

As always, I want to be making more proper schedules, designing more, printing more, drawing more, writing down more ideas, learning and teaching more, and sleeping properly if I can get to it. The only problem is time– a problem I one day hope to overcome as well.

Anyway, I’m going to blog more too– I only blogged 42 times this year. For shame! I’ll definitely blog 43 times in 2012. :)

Hi Neighbor!

Been working hard at another silkscreen book called Hi Neighbor!.

My idea started off as a tiny mockup that I drew on the train:

Measures less than an inch tall

Then, after a few more mockups and a few weeks of printing, Hi Neighbor became real.

The full version on nice archival paper

I chose this book format because it fit the content (slanty buildings) and also because it was easy to make. Just fold a rectangular sheet of paper into eight sections (4 columns by 2 rows) and then cut 2 quarters in the middle divide. That sounds complicated, but trust me, it’s not.

You can get an idea of how it's made from this picture

Look inside and there’s a little surprise — blueprints of everyone’s apartment!

A lot of easter eggs on this side

I only made 16 of these– 1 of which I accidentally cut incorrectly, which found a home in my sister’s collection, leaving me 15 good ones.

Comics soon!